Authentic design in pictures and words offers solutions that include everything from web design and digital campaigns to project management and overall communication concepts. solves tasks for companies and artists and manage your project in an authentic way. is for you who just need a helping hand for the website or for the company that needs to have a bigger project run in position.

Communication is always an exchange between several parties. It requires responsiveness and knowledge about target groups and stakeholders. The target group is therefore in focus when creating effective communication concepts, websites, campaigns and project. offers services that include web design, strategy, PR and project facilitation, room design and scenography.

Whether you just need to start your own website, designed business cards or have a larger project that requires communication in words and images, delivers support and strategy. is authentic communication that complies with your company’s values with respect for people, the environment and society.

Maria Ciccia Smidl

Maria Ciccia Smidl

Communicationsdesigner & Scenographer

Owner of


Scenographer from The Royal Danish School of Art and Design

Master of Science (MCs) in IT – Digital Design and Communication from the IT University in Copenhagen

Know How in artistic processes, digital design and communication strategy.

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See my writings about scenography here (in danish):     Tlf.:28348407     Cvr.Nr: 37794325